Welcome to My Forever Beads, our turnaround time is 7-21 days - For bespoke or custom orders please contact us at sales@myforeverbeads.com 🤍

Who are MFB?



I’m Lauren, a mum to 4 beautiful children.
I created My Forever Beads, (my 5th baby as I like to call it), during the first lockdown when I found that being at home more meant I needed something to do for myself and this was extremely therapeutic.

At the beginning it was me just making beads for family and friends that needed uplifting during what was some of the most difficult times we have all experienced.


From this passion that I found I realised that receiving my beads really meant something to people and I began to receive the most beautiful messages from people who felt inspired, uplifted and hopeful. As my small business grew I realised I really enjoyed making people happy.

Every single order is custom made, with love, from scratch and I take great pride in helping you create the most precious gift for you and your loved ones.
I have built some amazing relationships with returning customers along the way and have received wonderful feedback.

So please do email me if you would like help to customise your order, that’s what I’m here for.

I am, and always will be incredibly proud of how far this journey has taken me and can’t wait to see where my small business will go.

Lots of love Lauren x